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How Is A Military Divorce Different From A Civilian Divorce In California?

At first thought, someone might think that divorce is divorce and that something like military status wouldn’t affect the process. However, in California, a military divorce has many unique aspects Read More

What Are the Benefits to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Over Traditional Divorce?

Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR has some potential benefits for you depending on the unique situations of your case. Now that you have made a decision to proceed Read More

What Happens If I File for a Nullity of Marriage Under CA Law, and the Annulment Is Denied?

Most marriages begin with an idea that there will be a happily-ever-after. However, if the reality is that your marriage did not begin with both parties being honest, you will Read More

Who Pays the Debts in a California Divorce?

Meet the Mitchells When Andrew and Sallie said, “I do,” they did not have plans to ever say, “I don’t.” Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of love. Fifteen years, Read More

Should I Separate Instead of Divorcing?

Should you separate instead of divorcing? Some might say getting married is simple. Buy a ring (or not), propose, pick up your marriage license, and grab a licensed minister or judge Read More

Seal Beach Guide to Divorce

Jared and Ally never thought divorce was in their future, but after years of nightly arguments, accusations of infidelity, and irreconcilable differences, a separation was imminent; however, as the two moved Read More

California Guide to Annulment

Annulment in California: Grounds There are specific circumstances that would lead to an annulment in California. The filing must have burden of proof to one of the below listed reasons for Read More

Facts about Alimony in California

Alimony in California When creating a life together as a married couple, it is common for one spouse to earn more in his or her employment while the other may have Read More

Divorcing with Children with Disabilities

Divorcing with Children with Disabilities Divorce can be a perilous road met with unexpected twists, turns, and plenty of questions. What will happen with our joint finances? Where will each party Read More

DHS Took My Child During My Ex’s Week due to a Neighbor Complaint

DHS took my child away during my ex’s week because neighbors complained about abuse and neglect. Formal intervention by California Department of Human Services (DHS) into child custody is virtually always Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 10 posts