Divorcing with Children with Disabilities

Divorcing with Children with Disabilities

Divorce can be a perilous road met with unexpected twists, turns, and plenty of questions. What will happen with our joint finances? Where will each party live? What about estate or property we purchased together? While each of these questions is likely to raise concern, quite often the biggest of all concerns  involve details associated with minor children. And when children with disabilities are involved, a divorce can grow from a level of difficulty of three to a sky rocketed nine, ten, or eleven.

Additionally, if one or more of your children have special needs, divorce can make an already difficult situation more overwhelming. It is imperative that your questions and concerns are addressed to ensure your level of trust.

Questions and Topics to Ask During the Divorce Proceedings

  • Visitation Rights
    Should you structure longer visits or routines to avoid any negative impacts to your child?
  • Education
    You want your child to have the usual and customary opportunities. Do you also need an additional plan with an outside educational program? You’ll want to research the Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (We can help.)
  • Health and Medical Care
    This should be outlined carefully to include provisions relative to treatments, therapies, administration of medication, and the cost, and the scheduling time for the procedures.
  • Scheduling Social Activities and Programs
    What is your plan for maintaining the schedule and cost associated with such events.
  • Future Concerns
    This includes futures living arrangements, estate planning, health insurance and social security benefits.

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