What Are the Benefits to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Over Traditional Divorce?

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR has some potential benefits for you depending on the unique situations of your case. Now that you have made a decision to proceed with separation, it is time to choose the process to do so. There is more than one option to obtain your desired outcome that does not involve the time and expense of extensive litigation. Proceeding to court can be expensive, emotionally difficult and will ultimately lengthen the process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is generally less formal and less expensive than going to court and, in most cases, will help come to a resolution much faster than going to Trial. Clients are happier when they are able to make informed decisions and agreements relative to their families. Ann can provide the experience needed to reach an agreement and settle your family law issues without drawn-out litigation.


One method of utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is mediation. Usually a neutral third party that has been trained to help facilitate negotiations will help manage the discussion of both parties. This provides an opportunity to have suggestions made and appropriate terms agreed upon to end the marriage as easily as possible. Mediation does not provide a binding agreement, but rather provides options.


As opposed to mediation, arbitration is actually a legally binding agreement. Both parties agree on an individual to act as an arbitrator, then both parties present their disputes to the arbitrator and allow the arbitrator to come to a conclusion. The decision made is then legally binding.

Early Neutral Evaluation

In early neutral evaluation, both parties in the marriage present their sides to a neutral party who has experience in hearing certain cases of disputes. This allows both people to learn what is reasonable within their desires for the dissolution and go into divorce with more realistic expectations.

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