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Child Custody Attorney Serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties , California Representing the Best Interests of Children

Throughout California, Judges have wide discretion in awarding child custody and visitation and in interpreting the best interests of children regarding continuing contact with both parents. Ann A. Thomson is a seasoned divorce and family law attorney and has substantial experience in making a compelling case before the court.

It is important to take a creative, flexible, and practical approach with each Judge and to take your emotional concerns and transform them into logical arguments. Ann’s experience with the Judges in Southern California puts her in the best possible position to argue your position. If you need sensible, level-headed advice regarding any child custody matter, please contact Ann A. Thomson today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Interstate Child Custody Disputes

If the other party in your divorce wants to move out of state, it is time to explore your options and work out the best possible outcome while keeping the best interests of the children your number one priority. The Law Firm of Ann A. Thomson has handled many interstate disputes involving the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act. Ann knows what it takes to get real results in these cases.

Child Custody: Should You Negotiate or Fight it Out in Court?

In child custody matters, even the best case, when handled by an inexperienced or naïve lawyer, can result in a bad outcome. The founder, attorney Ann A. Thomson, has an M.A. in Education and has substantial experience working with children and families. Ann A. Thomson offers a full range of negotiation and litigation services to help clients resolve child custody disputes.

Child custody battles can be extremely expensive, emotionally taxing, and time-consuming. Ann A. Thomson’s focus is on obtaining a quick resolution in an efficient manner to minimize the cost to her clients and the emotional damage to their children. Ann applies strong negotiation techniques to arrive at a fair and workable parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children.

Ann A. Thomson is a trial lawyer. When necessary, Ann will fight for sole custody in court. This is especially true in cases of domestic violence or child abuse. When your child’s health, safety, and welfare are at issue, you need a powerful litigator to present your case succinctly to the court. As a child custody attorney, Ann serves Long Beach, Seal Beach, and surrounding areas in Southern California.

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