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Orange County Family Lawyer Establishing Parents’ Rights

Often the only way to resolve a paternity issue is to obtain a court order. Many times, parents resort to self-help or try to frustrate the other parent’s rights. This is ultimately a destructive approach that harms your child or children. In most cases, what is best for the kids is order, honesty, and a sense of security. Facilitating these things is our primary goal in paternity cases.

At the Orange County Law Office of Ann A. Thomson, Ann helps married and unmarried men and women establish parental rights to custody and visitation when a child’s paternity is in question. Ann A. Thomson is an experienced attorney that works diligently to establish a legal framework for child support and to define custodial rights in cases where paternity questions have become a source of contention.

Paternity cases are filed separately from a divorce but are often linked to cases involving domestic violence and child support. Whether you are a petitioner seeking to establish parental rights or obligations or a respondent seeking to avoid being forced to pay for a child that is not your own, Ann can help.  Contact her today.

A Straightforward Approach to Resolving Paternity Disputes

The Law Office of Ann A. Thomson is dedicated to providing real solutions and real results for clients who want to resolve a paternity or custody dispute. The first step is to file to establish paternity. After the parent is served with the Petition, he or she will file a Response. After any requested DNA testing, Ann will review the results and help you understand your options. From the adjudication of paternity to the establishment of visitation and custodial rights, she will help you understand your rights, responsibilities, and options.

Ann A. Thomson is an Orange County family lawyer who has substantial experience working with the Department of Child Support Services in paternity cases. DCSS manages the local enforcement of child support and represents the state when it comes to reimbursement for aid to mothers or fathers with children.

Ann works closely with all her clients throughout the legal process of establishing paternity and parents’ rights and obligations. She seeks efficient resolution through negotiated or mediated agreements but is ready to aggressively pursue litigation when necessary to ensure that her clients’ rights and their children’s best interests are protected.

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Please call Ann’s Orange County office at 562-431-4333 or send her e-mail today to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation in a free consultation. If you decide to hire Ann in your paternity matter, she accepts major credit cards for payment.