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Property Division Attorney in Orange County Guiding You Through The Division of Assets and Allocation of Debt in Divorce Actions

Marital property settlement agreements can be simple. A couple can sit down (with or without lawyers) and work out a plan for property division that seems fair. The court can then memorialize this agreement in the divorce decree. Nothing could be easier, right?

Unfortunately for many of our clients in Southern California, this idealistic approach often fails. Even when there are not extensive separate, community, and blended assets in what is known as a complex marital estate, most people find themselves in over their heads when it comes to determining what is fair in the division of community property.

At the Law Office of Ann A. Thomson, Ann is an experienced divorce and property division attorney in Orange County and has the knowledge and skill to guide you through the process of coming to a fair and equitable marital settlement agreement. She is a capable negotiator who takes a reasonable and logical approach. Contact Ann today for the sound legal assessment you need in a free consultation.

The Property Division Balance Sheet

Ann A. Thomson routinely works with experienced forensic accountants to build a thorough marital balance sheet. This enables her to organize and sift through complex and high-value estates in a businesslike and efficient manner. Ann’s primary goal is to aid in the establishment of a settlement. She has found that a level-headed approach can help to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

If it is impossible to come to a fair mutual agreement in your case, you can rely on Ann A. Thomson to fight for your interests in court. She is a trial lawyer. Unlike many in the field of family law, Ann truly likes to go to court and she has a track record of success to prove it. A thorough marital balance sheet can be of great benefit at trial. It often helps to significantly streamline the process.

Ann A. Thomson is flexible. She looks for creative, individualized solutions that achieve fair property division efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Whether the property and assets in question are a multimillion-dollar complex marital estate, a family-owned company, a business partnership, a professional practice or a home, vehicles, and some savings, Ann can help you establish a fair and well-crafted property division settlement.

Contact an Ann A. Thomson, An Experienced Attorney

To schedule a free one-on-one consultation with Ann, an experienced Southern California divorce and division of property lawyer, please call her office in Orange County today at 562-431-4333. You can also send an e-mail now to request more information or to set up an appointment.