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[GRAPHIC: Law Office of Ann A. Thomson 562-431-4333]
ANN THOMSON: Hello, I’m Attorney Ann Thomson. About ten years ago I decided to dedicate my practice exclusively to family law because I truly enjoy helping people find solutions to some of life’s most difficult problems.
[GRAPHIC: Divorce Child Custody Dispute Other Family Law Matters]
ANN THOMSON: When you’re faced with a divorce, a child custody dispute, or other family law matter, you need an experienced attorney who’s going to take your unique situation and give you the individual attention that your case deserves so that you can achieve your best possible result.
[GRAPHIC: Each Case is Analyzed Individually]
ANN THOMSON: Each family, each client is different. That’s why I analyze each one of my cases individually to develop a specific strategy that will allow my client to reach his or her goals.
Whether you’re working towards settlement or preparing for trail, my team of highly trained and caring paralegals and I work alongside you in a team approach.
[GRAPHIC: We Take a Team Approach]
ANN THOMSON: This way, whenever you call the office, there is someone who’s knowledgeable about your case and who can provide you with immediate assistance.
[GRAPHIC: Exceptional Client Care]
ANN THOMSON: We pride ourselves on our exceptional client care, something that is so important during this difficult time in your life.
[GRAPHIC: Experience Professionalism Preparation]
ANN THOMSON: As you’re legal representative, whether in the courtroom or at the settlement table, you’ll be confident that my experience, professionalism and preparation will result in your best possible outcome.
[GRAPHIC: Law Office of Ann A. Thomson 562-431-4333]